A SAFE WAY FORWARD Physician designed and implemented COVID-19 solutions for individual productions Comprehensive medical oversight to safely reopen film, tv, music, and festivals in a Covid-19 environment about us our services The clinically integrated solution Reopening a Safer Hollywood What separates our organization from all others is our integrated approach led by both a site medical team and an executive physician team. For each production, our system will offer a trained executive physician to create and review policies and procedures for each production. about us our services

Clinical Leadership

Our system will offer a trained executive physician to create and review policies and procedures for each production.  They will be on-call 24/7 for questions, appear onsite for implementation, and available for site visits as needed.Additionally, we offer flexible models for productions to consider that provide continuous daily onsite medical oversight.


We believe strategic testing for the presence of COVID-19 is critical for a safe production.
RTR-PCR FDA approved tests are the gold standard for tests and can be analyzed and returned in as little as 24 hours depending on the location.
Read more to understand why this test is the most appropriate for productions

Ancillary Services

Hygiene crew

Our company can provide sanitation services for productions. Read more for a complete description.

Security Unit                           

Our company can provide security services for productions. Read more for a complete description.

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We offer you A SAFE WAY FORWARD–the only physician-owned and directed advisory body that offers a comprehensive medical approach to safely open film, tv, music, and festival productions in a COVID19 environment.  Every production is advised by a team of board-certified emergency doctors that has extensive training in infectious disease, safety protocols, and operations.  We will bring the same expertise and methodologies used to limit infectious exposure in hospitals to your production.  Additionally, we will develop and deliver the most efficient cost-effective approach for testing at your specific production.  Every physician on the leadership team has previous experience as an Executive Producer in film, TV, and music.  We understand both the cost and safety perspectives involved in decision making.  No other company has this type of unique combination of medical expertise and production experience.


Partnering with A Safe Way Forward eliminates the time and excessive cost that producers would normally spend in trying to develop protocols that satisfy the numerous guidelines.  Our clients are looking for results not just adjusting to guidelines.  Our organization provides not only medical guidance but reassurance comfort to unions, cast, and crew knowing that they are receiving the highest levels of care and protection.  Our clients understand the best way not to get COVID-19 is to not be exposed to it.  Partnering with medical experts to generate real-time safety pathways significantly decrease the human and monetary risks associated with productions.

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We offer evidence based medical solutions implemented by medical professionals. Our organization represents the highest level of planning and oversight offered to talent and studios to minimize health risks and production disruptions.


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