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    Clinical Management

    Will I have access to a physician executive?

    Yes, you will have unlimited contact to a physician executive

    What if we want to use our own HSS?

    We will still provide training, oversight, and policy recommendations for the sight and operationalize the safety aspects of production.

    Do you perform clinical work at the production?

    Our services are advisory in nature and our physicians, nurses, and advanced providers are not working clinically on site.


    Why is accurate testing important for a television/film production?

    A false negative test puts all of the crew at a production at risk.  It is of the utmost importance that we protect the members of not only the various unions but also their families and the general public.  They deserve the highest sense of security.  One question rapidly arises when considering “rapid testing

    A false positive test could potentially stall an entire production needlessly.  We are very well aware of the cost and time of talent reorganizing schedules and locations that could arise from a false positive.  It is much more cost effective to do things the right way than not at all.

    How many tests can you perform a day?

    Our lab is scaled for 1100 tests a day per production.

    Where are tests performed?

    Our experienced personnel will come to a dedicate site at production to administer the tests.  Typically, this will be an isolated ventilated location such as a parking lot.  No cast or crew will have to travel to obtain a test.

    Will you be billing the insurance of the cast/crew for tests?

    No, the management fee covers cost of testing services for the entire crew.

    Who procures the tests?

    We will provide qualified medical professionals to procure samples of the test.  They will arrive with their own PPE and medical waste disposing capacity.

    What happens if someone tests positive?

    Asymptomatic positive contacts will immediately be referred home by the HSS home if without symptoms or to a local hospital if having symptoms.  They will be retested to confirm actual infection.

    How is it determined if productions need to be delayed?

    The site HSS makes the ultimate call on any production review.  If the HSS is one of our However, all decisions will be reviewed by the executive team in real time to ensure the most efficient means of managing exposure and resultant reopening of production is put into place.

    Other Service Related Info

    1. Does your program provide licensing in clinical and counseling psychology?

    The UMD Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program is accredited by APA and PCSAS and meets licensing requirements in the state of Maryland, and the UMD Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program is accredited by APA and also meets licensing requirements in the state of Maryland.

    2. How many credits is the Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree?

    Sixty (60) semester hour credits are required to complete the degree program. This is because the educational requirement for state licensure mandates 60 semester hours of graduate study in designated content areas germane to professional counselors.

    3. Can I do a research thesis?

    The M.Ed. is predominantly a practice-based degree with the goal of helping you to become a licensed professional counselor. Our past experience has been that the requirements of CMHC licensure are not compatible with the master’s thesis. Given that the master’s thesis is not required to become a licensed professional counselor, this option does not currently exist in this degree track.