Luke Daniels

Luke Daniels

  • Position: Chief Operational Officer
  • Experience: 08 Years
  • Location:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 6266763623

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Personal Experience & Biography

Luke was born in Stamford, Connecticut and moved to Washington D.C. where he earned a bachelor’s Degree in Business from Georgetown University.  In 2007, Luke founded Redwire Pictures, LLC and is also currently in charge of production at Tunnel Inc. in Santa Monica, California.    His 60+ credits include The SXSW comedy Punching Henry, the Sundance western Outlaws and Angels, the Sundance dark comedy, Bitch, the Sundance drama Miss Purple, the Cannes thriller noir, Under The Silver Lake, and a host of other acclaimed productions on the big screen.  His most recent production is The Comeback Trail starring Oscar winners Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, and Tommy Lee Jones.  Luke resides in Santa Monica, CA.

Specialized Work

Typical Case

Marina Husban has many typical cases that she has successfully advised to help them overcome their situation, here are some of her typical cases when working at Medcaline:

  1. Help John in love         CLICK SEE DETAIL
  2. Advise AMIX company director on corporate governance        CLICK SEE DETAIL
  3. Help Geoge find himself when he is suicidal        CLICK SEE DETAIL

Achievements Acquired

In her career, she has won many prestigious awards in the field of psychophysical counseling, including the award for the best psychologist 2011, the most dedicated consultant and the most effective consultant,…




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